Please Note: Outdoor pool is temporally unavailable due to safety inspection. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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About 5000 Motel

High Security 

The upgraded security system including tap card key, parking lot gate and high resolution surveillance cameras has been installed to ensure ensure the security of your staying.

Pool & BBQ

The seasonal outdoor pool and BBQ areas are available in 5000 motel. However, due to Covid19, please contact our office to confirm the opening date and rules.


5000 Motel is located in the center of Penticton and close to everything. Restaurant, coffee shop, grocery store, hospital and so much more that is available in short walking distance.

Good Rate

5000 Motel offers great rate for your staying in beautify Okanagan.  Give us a call to make a reservation and get the best deal today!

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1742 Main St, Penticton, 

                 BC, V2A 5G8